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Linked List Seminar Presentation (Read 79 times)


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Linked List Seminar Presentation
March 22, 2017, 05:49:05 AM
Linked List Seminar Presentation
Linked List is mostly in computer world it is the linear collection of data in the form of nodes and also it has the pointer to next node and it continuous till end in sequence. The most of the Linked list is one of the simplest form of data sequence and also it has the reference too the next data in it. It also helps t insert or remove any nodes without effecting the sequence at any point of time. The user don't need to define the size of linked list. There are three types of linked list used and they are linear singly linked list, circulated linked list and doubly linked list. Singly linked list is a straight line of data sequence which won't allow go back. Circulated linked list is like a cycle of data sequence. In doubly linked list user  has the choice to go back in data sequences.