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Loopholes in TCP/IP Seminar Presentation (Read 86 times)


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Loopholes in TCP/IP

IP is the Internet Protocol. It is a protocol used to send packets of data, or data-grams, from one point to another with no sequencing of packets and no guarantee of delivery. TCP is the Transport Control Protocol. It provides for sequencing of IP packets, requests re-transmission of dropped packets, etc.The TCP states are very closely associated with timers. There are various timers associated with connection establishment (or termination), flow control, and re-transmission.When TCP/IP was designed in the early 1980's, security was not a primary concern. However, in the years since their inception, the lack of security in the TCP/IP protocols has become more of a problem. The widespread use and availability of the TCP/IP protocol suite has exposed its weaknesses. Presented here are a number of well-known vulnerabilities of both TCP/IP itself, and of some protocols commonly used along with TCP/IP (such as DNS).
There are three data structures associated with the connection establishment they are socket,inpcb,Tcpcb.
IP Spoofing is an attack where an attacker pretends to be sending data from an IP address other than its own.