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Magnetic Levitation Train Technology Seminar Presentation (Read 117 times)


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Magnetic Levitation Train Technology Seminar Presentation
Train travel is one of the cheapest yet fastest mode of transport. But it also cause pollution while using diesel but most part of the world trains are changed into electric. Electric trains also have some problems like usage of electricity and bulk of usage of electricity will severely damage the income of Railways. To avoid these kinds of circumstances Magnetic Levitation Train Technology will be very helpful. This train uses Halbach Array and levitation circuits to run the train. This train is made up of aluminium to reduce the weight and also 4 rows of 8 magnets are arranged in Halbach Arrays, 2 rows of levitation and 2 rows of linear propulsion. Tracks used for this project must have 2 aluminium guide ways, Guide ways are wrapped by wires for levitation circuits, AG scale rail track to be laid to stop or start of the train and linear synchronous motor to provide propulsion.