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Mesh Networking Seminar Topic (Read 107 times)


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Mesh Networking Seminar Topic
March 20, 2017, 05:19:23 PM
Mesh Networking

This technology is basically a network topology which consists of a particular format. In this model, there are various different nodes which relays the data from the model in to the network. All the nodes which are meshed is being cooperated in the distribution of the data of the network. Meshing uses various different techniques out of which includes flooding techniques and the routing techniques. Mesh is actually the network which is known to be fully connected network when the mesh have all the nodes being connected to each other and mesh networks are known to be consider as a kind of ad hoc network. They are closely related to the mobile ad hoc networks and deals with the problems which are related to the mobility of the particular mesh nodes. Mesh networks can be used in various applications which includes briar, netsukuku, open gatden, serval project, wireless networks and so on.