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Messages Security Using Steganography Seminar Presentation (Read 76 times)


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Steganography is used to send a message to a right destination in a secure manner. Steganography is used to embed a message in a carrier file and sent to the proper destination without knowledge of the third person. Many of the organization today face the problems and threat of insecure message. There are many occasions when the messages were interrupted by the third party, which can be really very problematic. So, a Steganography can surely help out to reduce these factors. Hiding the message is the main advantage of the Steganography.
The electronic communication can be made much safer with the steganography with the help of transport layer. A proper protocol, program file or image file can be sent safely to the destination by including steganography coding in the transport layer. Also, media file have gained great advantages due to this as they are more unsecure in sending messages. Find more details, regarding this in the attached file.