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Microsoft Surface Seminar Presentation (Read 94 times)


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Microsoft Surface Seminar Presentation
March 29, 2017, 06:47:25 AM
Microsoft Surface Seminar Presentation
Microsoft is the leader in the computer world creating various operating systems and provides unbelievable features to the users. Microsoft is one of the main pillars of the computer evolution. Their introduction to the market makes the world more competitive and effective. Microsoft Surface is one of the best outcomes for this world changing evolution. The surface is new and revolutionary multi-touch computers with the different look and feel and understand ordinary hand gestures and movements and also real world objects. This surface makes the wonderful combination which turns even table top to an interactive and effective vibrant surface. Users can get effortless interaction with hand gestures, touch and also using physical objects. Multi-touch screens are used on this surface to make the interaction effective and vibrant. It has essential features that will enable to recognizes dozens of movements from touch to hand gestures.