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Mirroring Seminar Presentation (Read 109 times)


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Mirroring Seminar Presentation
March 20, 2017, 05:18:19 PM

Mirroring is an exact copy of the set of data such as websites. When you distribute the content of the website after reading and going through all the existing website material, then it is known as mirroring. The study which is done for the existing load balancing techniques which include all the algorithms and the formulations of the algorithm, which is basically a dynamic and the centralized loading and balancing server, is an algorithm for the replication of the servers. This can be validated using the algorithms for implementing it. A web server is being used for the installation, configuration and addition of all the service lists. Once the server is being activated, the re configuration is being done and is used for the synchronization of all the mirroring techniques being used in the client server model.