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Mobile Computing Seminar Presentation (Read 89 times)


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Mobile Computing Seminar Presentation
March 19, 2017, 05:49:54 PM
Mobile Computing

This is a technique or more precisely, it is a vast technology which is used for the transmission of the data in any form, whether it can be character form, or in a voice form or in an audio or video form, via the computers and other kind of wireless electronic devices. No need of connection with any of the physical link is required in mobile computing.

The technology is highly portable and the main parts of the mobile communication technology deals with the communication part, the hardware part and the software part. Mobile computing is best in its form because this type of computing does not required the user to get linked or stick to a particular kind of physical device or at a particular place, but mobile computing allows the user to move and work portable and with ease via the device.
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