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Mobile Number Portability Seminar Presentation (Read 72 times)


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Mobile Number Portability Seminar Presentation
Mobile Number Portability shortly called as MNP is the method of changing one service provider to other without changing the number. It is one of most eminent and effective proposal that helps the customers in many ways. Some of the few advantages are they donít need to change their number and their service provider can change within 7 days process. The quick and resolute thing makes this is one of the effective proposals. The process of port out and port in is very important in portability. There are few terms are used in MNP and they are ONO, DNO, RNO, DSP, RSP. Customers give port in request to RSP and the application is forwarded to DSP and DSP clarifies the port-out request with customer and after that if customer wants to port out and they accepts the request and initiate the port-out process and DNO proceeds the action and ONO modifies the subscription and RSP complete port in action and then the customerís service provider is changed. This is the whole process of MNP.