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Multi threading in Java seminar presentation (Read 113 times)


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Multi threading in Java seminar presentation
A smallest unit of processing is called as thread. A program is divided into small units and each unit is called as a thread. The multi threaded programming contains more than one thread in it which can be executed simultaneously. Multi threading in Java is required to execute multiple threads at a same time. With this multi threading, multi tasking is accomplished easily. Multi threading is commonly used because it saves the memory space as they use same memory area and does not allocate different memory for each thread.
Since multi threading executes several task simultaneously, it saves a lot of time. Also since multi threading operates the thread independently, if an exception occurs to any thread no other threads are affected and they continue to execute without any halt. In multi threading, multiple tasks can be run concurrently.  
Every thread is assigned a priority so that the operating system can decide the order in which the threads should be executed.