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Multi touch seminar presentation (Read 122 times)


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Multi touch seminar presentation
April 01, 2017, 07:51:13 PM
Multi touch seminar presentation
Multi touch is a technology were the surface such as a touchscreen or the touchpad has the capability of identifying one or more point of contact with the surface. The device can recognise multiple touches at the same time. With multi touch technology, the mobile phones have an advanced option enabled like pinch to zoom were a screen can be zoomed to make the object on the screen appears bigger and clear. The multi touch feature pinch to zoom was first introduced by apple on their iphones which is now a common feature among all the touchscreen phones, tablets, touchpad.
Normal touchscreen without multi touch feature cannot recognise multiple touches at same time. If you place two fingers at different location on the device, the touchscreen will identify only the touch of the first finger placed and not the second one.