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MULTI TOUCH TABLES seminar presentation (Read 84 times)


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MULTI TOUCH TABLES seminar presentation
April 12, 2017, 05:39:32 AM
The multi-touch table is simply a combination of a table with an interactive screen and computer abilities. Touch screen technologies started from 1972 PLATO 4 terminal and then Apple Desktop Bus (ADB). Digital desk from Pierre Wellner leads to Xerox and then in 1994-95 the IBM Simon Personal Communicator became a first cellular phone with Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). In 2005 the first generation iPhone comes to market with the multi-touch screen without any physical keyboard. Surface computing is a computer interaction through the surface of the ordinary object without involving any physical hardware. N-train is much cheaper than Microsoft surface and with both digital pen input and captive touch called DuoSence. Interactive surface is a simple formula when an Infra-Red LED passing through a crystal surface with a soft surface that can bend invests, when we touch the outer layer it reflects the IR LED then IR camera read the interaction and you see the output on the screen through a projector.