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Nanotechnology in medical field seminar presentation (Read 98 times)


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Nanotechnology in medical field seminar presentation
A study of a very minute structure with size 0.1 to 100nm is called nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is used in the field of medicine and is known as nanomedicine which provides various benefits.
Nanomedicine is used to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases, injury, trauma and also to improve human health. This can be accompanied with molecular knowledge of human body using molecular tools.
One application of nanomedicine is drug delivery were nanoparticles are used to deliver the drugs to specific types of cells that needs to be treated. At present, nanomedicine for treating cancer cells are under the development were chemotherapy drugs will directly be monitered to the cancer cells. Nanomedicine is also used to repair the damaged cells in the human body in any. If there are any diseased cells only those cells can be repaired. Also destroying any bacteria is being developed using technique called infrared light and gold nano particles in the field of nanomedicine.