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Network traffic management (Read 69 times)


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Network traffic management
March 21, 2017, 09:41:42 AM
Network Traffic Management

Network is nothing but a combination of a LAN and a WAN. Network traffic occur when the density of the data in the network is increased rapidly and the load on the network increases too. Network traffic management is a technique which is being used to manage, reduce and control the flow of the traffic, mainly for the maintenance of the internet bandwidth. Network traffic management is mainly used by the network administrator to administrate the work related to the networks. Due to the network traffic, sometimes the other devices also got delayed in getting their own requirements. Nteowkr traffic management is a very important factor and it requires limiting the bandwidth of a certain internet network to a particular level, to control the traffic and marking the traffic being either in terms of a low one and in terms of high one too. Thus, this is really a factor which must be worked upon, when it comes to the internet.