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Object oriented analysis and design seminar presentation (Read 118 times)


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Object oriented analysis and design seminar presentation
Object oriented analysis and design is a method that involves analysing and designing the application in a developmental phase. In this method, object oriented paradigm is applied in the development life cycle. By applying this method, quality of a product that is under development can be ensured. Also the stake holders or the clients can participate and communicate about any changes or the new requirements.
Object oriented analysis is carried out in an iterative and incremental way.
In earlier development life cycle, after the requirements gathering phase known as analysis, the requirements would be freezed followed by designing and coding. So any changes in the requirements would make it difficult to do the modifications and also it would require a lot of rework. But since, OOAD is a iterative process the development of the application will be done in stages and if there are any changes that can be accompanied easily.