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Online banking seminar presentation (Read 232 times)


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Online banking seminar presentation
April 14, 2017, 09:23:07 PM
Online banking seminar presentation
Online banking is a boon in today's world were anyone can do a banking transactions from any place with the help of internet connection without having the need to go to the bank. Banking services are vast and it becomes cumbersome for a person to go to bank everytime. Earlier, everyone had to go to bank and stand in a long queue to withdraw money from the account or deposit money into someone's account and that would become time consuming. But with online banking this time constraints are removed.
With online banking, a person can easily access his account information and can transfer funds to another account. With online banking he can even apply for recurring deposit saving account and every transactions in just few minutes. Also online banking will let a person to apply for loans and compare the rates. Mobile bills, recharges, current bills etc can all be easily done through online banking.
The main advantage of online banking is, it saves a lot of time of a person. It is very convenient and easy and can be accessed from any place.