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OPTICAL FIBER COMMUNICATION seminar presentation (Read 242 times)


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Communication basically deals with the exchanging of the information. Optical fibers are those fibers which are thin and transparent in nature and is having the transparent strands which are of the size of the human hairs and is made from dielectric cylinder surrounded by the another transparent dielectric cylinder.
Optical fibers are mainly made up of three parts which are core, cladding and the jacket. The core is the inner most part of the thin fibers which are made up of either glasses or plastics. Each of the fiber within the core is covered by the cladding which are having different optical properties from the core. The outer most part of the optical fiber is made up of plastic and is known as jacket. These optical fibers also works on the principle of TIR ie total internal reflection unlike in optical communication. Optical communication has a very vast advantage over the electronic subject.