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Oracle SQL Tuning Seminar Presentation (Read 116 times)


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Oracle SQL Tuning Seminar Presentation
March 31, 2017, 08:11:12 AM
The Oracle SQL Tuning helps to identify the various problems that arise out of SQL and the repair of SQL. Generally, the tuning happens at two different levels, Server level and SQL level. The tuning has been very essential it gives various advantages like SQL processing response time is reduced, the workload is being processed very nicely, the search time can be easily reduced to a great extent, whenever there are two or more tables they can be joint very efficiently. There are various ways through which the tuning can be done.
The different ways of doing the tuning are testing response through any of the ways like SQL plus directly, Application front end, web interface, etc. Here one must note that changing the hardware configuration will never change the SQL tuning.  The SQL being one of the important query languages to access the database, it is necessary that it should work properly. Find more information related to this in the attached file.