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Pervasive Computing Seminar Presentation (Read 74 times)


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The Pervasive Computing is the scenario in which the people interact with the devices, which are embedded and not be easily seen. There are various terms used to describe the pervasive computing which are wearable computing, ambient intelligence, ubiquitous computing, etc. The main aim of the pervasive computing is to provide an integration of the virtual and the physical world, with the technology being invisible. The pervasive technology has helped in many environments like tablets, smartphones, notebooks, etc.
The integrated and full internet connectivity is being easily established with the help of Pervasive Computing. To make the pervasive computing work properly and integration of two or more technology is done like wireless computing, artificial intelligence, internet capabilities, etc. It has applications in various fields like intelligent transport systems, geographical tracking, health and various other fields. It has helped to multiple activities easily. Find some more information related to this in the attached file.