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Privacy and Anonymous Communication Seminar Presentation (Read 94 times)


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Privacy and Anonymous Communication Seminar Presentation
Privacy is one f the biggest concern in modern day technology. Protecting a privacy is very much difficult on the Internet these days. Analysis of traffic in the communication can be useful in examining the mesages or data shared and also identify the communication system. There are few possible threats are also available in anonymous communication like IP-based blocking, IP-Based Cloaking and also information leakage problem. Some of the information may be related to defense or military related and it will be the huge threat to the country. Anonymity plays the huge role in protecting the information of communication. There are three methods followed and they are Broadcast-Based, Proxy-based, and Mix-net. Onion Routing is one of the best ways to protect the information and it needs the anonymous proxy, onion proxy, onion network, entry point and exit point. Attacking anonymity carried out by marking and sending special cell.