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PROTEIN MEMORY FOR COMPUTERS seminar presentation (Read 236 times)


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The world’s most advanced super computer doesn’t require a single semiconductor chip. A pair of lasers arranged at right angles to one another write data into the cuvette by shining in turn on “slices” through the plastic matrix. The first laser, which produces green light, sweeps the whole cuvette, causing its protein contents to take on a shape that (in binary code) is designated as “zero”.

  The human brain consists of organic molecules that combines to form a highly sophisticated network able to calculate, perceive, manipulate, self-repair, think and feel. Digital computers can certainly perform calculations much faster and more precisely than humans, but even simple organisms are superior to computers in the other five domains. Computer designers may never be able to make machines having all the facilities of natural brain,but we can exploit some special properties of biological molecular-particularly proteins-to build computer components that are faster ,smaller and more powerful than any electronic devices .

Devices fabricated from biological molecules promise compact size and faster data storage. They lead themselves to use in parallel processing computers,3D memories and neural networks.