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Push To Talk (PTT) over Cellular Seminar Presentation (Read 65 times)


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The Push To Talk (PTT) is a two way communication provided over the mobile phones. It allows the phones to work as a walkie-talkie with unlimited range. The Push To Talk is a well-developed two way communication system. The PTT technology was earlier used mostly in the radios, microphones, etc. With the PTT technology, the individual can easily have a talk with the group at a time. Here there is no need to have several phone calls if anybody wants to discuss with the group. Here all these things are achieved with the half duplex technology.
The appearance of the apps on various different platforms on the smartphones is the main achievement here. Now most of the smartphones support the PTT system and many of the things can be achieved very easily. With the help of PTT one can achieve the highly reliable network, through which most of the multiple tasks can be done. Find more information regarding in the attached file.