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QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS OF CASTING PROCESS seminar presentation (Read 98 times)


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This sand casting process occurs fir the upper case selector of eicher truck gearbox. The main task involves in such includes modeling with allowances, software simulations, graphical plots, pattern designs and final castings. The main procedure included by it is geomesh meshing. In geomesh meshing, the tetrahedral element size is being chosen with the mesh type which is perfectly suited. The STL file is then being moulded in the box containing the cavity. The STL meshed file is being transferred to the procast softwares and the remeshing is being done after the moulding to apply the fix bad triangles and intersections of the STL file.

The pattern material in this file includes the wood to be chosen as the pattern material and is easily available. It is mainly of the low weight and the easily shaped. There are other allowances also includes which are shrinkage allowance and draft allowances.