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RAM ROM seminar presentation (Read 82 times)


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RAM ROM seminar presentation
April 10, 2017, 05:17:09 PM

RAM and ROM mainly deals with the term known as “memory”. Memory is basically the kind of storage. It is the place where the computer stores the programme or a certain kind of information. Mainly the memory is being divided into two kinds and they are RAM ie random access memory and ROM ie read only memory. RAM is the read and write, both types of memory and is used by the processor of the system to keep the data and the programme safe. Types of RAM are SDRAM, DDR, DRAM, DIMMS. RIMMS and FRAM

ROM is the read only memory and writing is not possible in this kind of memory. Only the manufacturer can be able to write the data inside this kind of memory. Rest, no user can be able to write the data inside this memory. Types of ROM are FPROM and RIMM.