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Real Time Monitoring and Filtering System for Mobile SMS (Read 102 times)


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Real Time Monitoring and Filtering System for Mobile SMS
Junk and unwanted SMS can be filtered out in real time using Pinyin Fizzed Matching Technology. Over the year there are millions of SMS are send and receive around the world. Most of them are junk messages or promotional messages send by the operators. Most of the users believes that these messages are annoying. Real Time Monitoring and Filtering technology helps the user to avoid these messages. Set of Keywords are used to identify the junk messages and it can be identified by Pinyin Fizzed Matching Technology and avoid that. Even Though it was useful in many ways but it also has some disadvantages like sending and receiving processing time. Sometime misjudgment between legal and junk SMS results in loss of customer and operator. Using Real-time in multi core hardware platform reduces the misjudgment of legal and junk SMS.