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Red Tacton Seminar Presentation (Read 96 times)


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Red Tacton Seminar Presentation
March 31, 2017, 08:03:59 AM
Red Tacton technology claims that it has the ability to send the data through the skin of the human. The data can be sent almost at the speed of 10 Mbps. The transmission medium used here is the electric field which is present on the surface of the body. Here, one must keep in mind that as the physical contact is removed, there is no more communication and the transmission of the data is completely stopped. The touch has some of the main features like conductors can be used, interactive & broadband and touch. Here the touch can in any way while stepping, walking, and gripping or any relevant touch.
The Red Tacton can be applied in various fields like touching to information and getting the information, print by touching a printer, seating in the car in driver seat can load all the presets, wireless headset and just opening the lock by just a touch. This technology will surely be seen in many fields. Find more information related to this in the attached file.