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RedTacton seminar presentation (Read 192 times)


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RedTacton seminar presentation
April 12, 2017, 07:08:33 AM
Redtacton is a human area network which is a kind of last meter and is used for transmitting the data utilizing by the body's electric field. In this technology, the body itself becomes the ethernet cable for the same. The speed is very fast, upto 10 mbps. The redtacton is a kind of very secure network. It uses the transmitter as well as the receiver and transreceiver for providing both kinds of functions. The working of this includes the point to point networking. The transreceiver exchanges the information without usage of the server and the optical properties of the electro opticscrystal also varies on the basis of the elctric fiels. Data is received using the photonic electrics field sensors and is combines with the elctro optics cyrstals and laser light. It is highly secure and is provide the physical contact along with the less potentiality of the wireless interface between different rectacton devices and also allows the encryption and the authentications of the data.