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Reliable Array of Independent Nodes (RAIN) Seminar Presentation (Read 75 times)


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The Reliable Array of Independent Nodes is the connection of different nodes with different multiple interfaces and network topology. The data recovery can be done very nicely with the RAIN technology on any of the networks like LAN, WAN, etc. In the RAIN cluster, one can easily add any number of nodes and the nodes can even be maintained very efficiently here. The storage space is partitioned in a network across various other nodes. The RAIN technology works nicely along the standard network protocols and operating system services, giving a perfect solution.
The RAIN technology can bear many of the nodes, switch failures. The data paths can be used very efficiently, the redundant storage is possible and graceful degradation can be done nicely with the help of RAIN. The fault management technique is achieved very efficiently in the RAIN technology. Find some more details on this in the given attached file.