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Remote Sensing Seminar Presentation (Read 88 times)


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Remote Sensing Seminar Presentation
March 20, 2017, 08:22:51 AM
Remote Sensing Seminar Presentation
Remote Sensing is one of the most useful and much-needed things in Today's world. Some of the few problems world facing today are pollution, global warming, population growth. These problems cannot be identified by some kind of aerial survey. It needs in-depth results to find a solution and remote sensing technology is very helpful in these. In simple means, remote sensing is a thing which collects information about anything without any physical touch or contact. It mostly used in satellites to identify the weather, wealth of the land, population growth and much more. Over the years many countries launch various types of remote sensing satellites to orbit for various reasons including geography, oceanology and some of them for military and intelligence purposes.  This remote sensing is split into two one is active remote sensing and another one is passive remote sensing. In Active remote sensing, Sensors are used to detect the reflection of an object which reflects the signals send from satellites. In passive, the sensors detect reflection of sunlight.