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RFID in Supply Chain Seminar Presentation (Read 63 times)


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RFID in Supply Chain

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID is one of the most promising technologies in market today. RFID is the technology of exchanging data wirelessly. RFID is an automated identification tagging method which uses the radio waves to read and track the tags attached on the items containing a microchip and an antenna. Supply chain: Supply chain represents the sequence of activities, involved in the different processes and activities that produce products and services in the hand of the ultimate customers. In order for companies to flourish and survive, supply chain management requires some crucial information like what catalogue a company have and supply chain management needs accurate identification and tracking of items. RFID supports superior traceability and identification.  RFID appears to be an ideal technology and a better solution to the tracking and identification of problems supply chain management has to deal with in order to manage the movement of materials along the supply chain. Therefore, it improves the supply chain efficiency. Problems in traveling of items from one point to another in supply chain can be easily tracked by RFID.