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Sand Boxing Security in Grid Computing Seminar Presentation (Read 104 times)


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Sand Boxing Security in Grid Computing Seminar Presentation
Grid computing is very much practised in all companies all over the world. Grid computing plays the essential role to connect all information from various computers to attain a common goal. But in Grid computing the risk of virus and other malicious attacks are possible. It causes severe damage to the files and also to the operating system of the host device that results in file corruption and deletion. To avoid these Sandboxing is used to control the activities of suspected programs or files. It is very helpful to identify the virus or malicious file in the device. In Simple, Sandboxing allows running a particular program or file from untrusted third parties in a device with some limitations like it doesn't allow the program to occupy the scratch space and never allow them to use the network access. It is very much transparent to the user and also it can be remote controlled.