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Self-Replicating Robots Seminar Presentation (Read 90 times)


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Self-Replicating Robots Seminar Presentation
Robotics is one of the advanced technology in the science and it is very helpful and useful to minimise the workload of the humans. Most advanced robots are often used in space-related research and analysis. Some of the robotic machines are used in industries for self-assembling and repairing sector without any human help. Robots are very unique and they have the capability of doing some things that cannot be done by humans like repairing heavy machinery. Some of the Robots have special abilities like repairing themselves and produce the copy of them by itself and so on. These self-Replicating Robots are very much useful to save time and human energy and their finishing is also very trustworthy. The space research may become one of the beneficiaries of these robots. Space is the place that we cannot send humans regularly for some small repairs in any of the robots already send but if those robots have the self-repairing instrument on their own they can repair themselves and save the time and continue their research.