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Serial ATA Technology seminar presentation (Read 92 times)


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Serial ATA Technology

SATA ie Serial Advance technology attachment is a kind of new connectors with features like saving up of the spaces, offer more reliability and more air flow. The connectors from the same has 4 transmission wires with Tx differential pair and Rx differential pair.

SATA basics include SATA commands which are SATA BIST and related to power management as well. SATA is basically a point to point topology which can host and support multiple devices and requires multiple links as well. Apart from it, 100% link bandwidths are also available with the chance of failure of different devices or links which does not affect the other links though.

It is used in the full duplex links with a low voltage levels as well. The protocol only permits the time frame to be transfer from one to another at a given instance of time. Each link has both the transmitter and the receiver.