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Skin Inputs Seminar Presentation (Read 93 times)


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Skin Inputs Seminar Presentation
March 23, 2017, 07:36:30 AM
Skin Input Seminar Presentation
Evolution of mobile phones, laptops, and tablets make life more comfortable and the recent evolution takes the technology to new heights. Touch Screens are commonly used in all mobile phones, and some laptops. Particularly in mobile phones, it is very much famous and it is an electronic visual which can detect touch in a particular location and act as per that. But the latest innovative technology called Skin Input takes it to another level. In Skin Input technology, Skin is used as a medium that can control any electronic gadgets like a computer and mobile phones with the help of pico projector and Bluetooth connection. Users have the luxury to use them to control audio sounds, attend or dial a call and much more. The skin input technology listens to the vibration of skin and also understand the hand gestures to run appropriate program. The arm is the main part for to use Skin Input Technology.