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Skinput Technology Seminar Presentation (Read 105 times)


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Skinput Technology Seminar Presentation
March 20, 2017, 09:10:49 AM
Skinput Technology uses our skin to input any of the data or instructions in the electronic devices. In this technology two forms of waves are generated like Transverse and Longitudinal. The waves help to activate the sensors, which carries the work forward. To give more specific and more desired results, the highly tunes vibration sensors are used here. Particular types of frequency is been used here like low frequencies and high frequencies. Skinput has helped to shrink and decouple the input devices.

The interaction with Graphical User Interface can be done directly on the skin. The main requirement for the device is the capability for the input and output. The interaction of biological signals and the finger input is very less here. This technology surely seems to make a big difference in the science and the technological world. You can find more information on Skinput Technology in the attached file here.