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Social Cloud Seminar Presentation (Read 94 times)


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Social Cloud Seminar Presentation
April 08, 2017, 07:57:27 AM
Social Cloud
Cloud computing is a new way of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the internet. It can also be understood as, “Pay for what you use”. As today all of us like to be connected with the world through social networks. These social networking sites provides various ways for user interaction like file sharing, blogging, discussion groups and many more. Social cloud is the combination of social networking and cloud computing. Social cloud computing is a technique that generalizes the concept of cloud computing in order to sharing and renting computer resources whose operators is verified via social networks. Various challenges can be faced when moving from traditional cloud infrastructure to social cloud computing but still Social cloud is enjoying wide range of applications. The document here provides the complete description of the idea of social cloud computing. It also explains the registration process in social cloud and its implementation.