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Socket Programming Seminar Presentation (Read 92 times)


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Socket Programming Seminar Presentation
March 23, 2017, 07:53:47 AM
Socket Programming Seminar Presentation
Sockets are the common term used in the computer world. The socket is an endpoint of the communication. It allows user or application to read/write any data to/from any network. The sockets are most reliable in communication and once it configured and connected the connection is followed by the data transfer over the network. Many companies have a common server and client systems these sockets are used between them to establish a connection and able to transfer data. Certain protocols are also available in sockets. These protocols are set of rules for communication. The protocols in Socket API are TCP and UDP. Transmission Control protocol which is used for one to one communication and provides guaranteed delivery of the data. User Datagram Protocol which was unreliable and guaranteed delivery is also not provided but it can be used to transfer one to many communication.