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Solar power satellites seminar presentation (Read 115 times)


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Solar power satellites seminar presentation
The solar power satellites was found by Peter Glaser in the year 1968. The solar power satellites beams the solar energy from space down to the earth. With solar power satellites, the solar energy will be distributed to the earth for various use. SPS or solar power satellites are also known as powersats. There are various solar energy receiving stations that are placed on earth which are located at certain distances so as to receive the energy transmitted by the powersats. The solar power satellites are said to be revolving around the earth.  It is designed in such a way that it captures the solar energy and transmits the captured energy to the earth which are received at the receiving stations.
Today, powersats technology is in use because of its saftey and also for the reason the solar power can be easily captured in space when compared to capturing the solar power on earth.