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Space Exploration Seminar Presentation (Read 255 times)


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Space Exploration Seminar Presentation
April 14, 2017, 05:08:50 PM
The Space Exploration is the exploration and discovery of different objects which are around the space. The discovery of these space technologies is done with different space crafts, robots and all the necessary astronomical objects. The exploration of these celestial objects is basically done to do scientific research on these objects, exploring the survival of life on different celestial bodies, to ensure the national security, etc. The government invests lots of money on these space projects, which also makes the countries proud with their space achievement.
Many of the different types of spacecraft have been designed to make the space mission successful. Various scientists are working very hard on different technologies. The space crafts are designed with various space instruments like LORRI, PERSI,, PAM, REX, VBSDC, etc. The mission Mars and the mission Moon has one of the most successful missions carried out. You can find some more relevant information with regards to this in the attached file.