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SPOOFING seminar presentation (Read 70 times)


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SPOOFING seminar presentation
March 24, 2017, 03:03:19 PM

Different types of spoofing includes IP, email, web and non network social engineering. IP spoofing is something which is easy to do. What one has to do is to simply change his machine’s IP address and alter the routing table for the packets to get delivered. It includes basic address change, using of the source routing for intercepting the packets and exploitation of a trust relationship. Email spoofing is done for hiding the identity, impersonate someone to extend blame and something related to social engineering.

Web spoofing consists of creating similar URL’s and protections for educating the users and the use of servers side certifications as well. One can also use URL session trackings too, for tracking the information and attackers may also be able to guess on the ID. Spoofing is an important procedure for web networking and thus plays a really important role in communication via data grams.