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SQL SERVER BASICS seminar presentation (Read 80 times)


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SQL SERVER BASICS seminar presentation
April 10, 2017, 05:32:14 PM
SQL Server basics for non DBAs

The relational database server are highly reliable, available, scalable, performative, data integral, data protector, transaction isolator, reporter and data analytical. The SQL server database engines are of two types, which are storage engine and the query engine. The database which are included inside it are the logical collections of related objects with the instances which are running over the separate services of the SQL servers with default instances and named instances.

The SQL server admin tools include server profiler, database engine tuning advisor, server configuration manager, surface area configuration and the SQL server books. Configuring the sql server includes different default options which are already being set during the installation time. It also has sql server management studio with different sql properties which are memory, processors, security, auditing, and database settings. These are the default file locations for windows and sql server.