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SS7 Protocol Seminar Presentation (Read 67 times)


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SS7 Protocol Seminar Presentation
March 29, 2017, 09:29:43 AM
SS7 Protocol Seminar Presentation
SS7 Protocol is a digital signaling standard that was used in interoffice networks but now it expands its boundaries to local central offices. This SS7 is upgraded version of SS6 protocols. This SS7 provide standard call set-up, routing, database and control access. There are many uses in Using this SS7 protocol and some of them are call set-up and tear down, wireless authentication on the network, Local Number portability, Toll-Free lines and services, efficient and more importantly it is secured and also allows for call forwarding or diverting. There are various linking are used in these signals like Access linking, bridge links, Crosslinks, diagonal links, extended links and fully associated links. Access links are used between SSP and STP. Bridge links are used to connect mated STPs to other STPs at same hierarchical level. Cross Links are used to connecting STPs to mated STPs. Diagonal used to connect one hierarchical level mated STPs to other hierarchical level mated STP. Extended Links connected SSP and remote STP pair. Fully associated links used to route two high-traffic connections.