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STEGANOGRAPHY IN IMAGES seminar presentation (Read 92 times)


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STEGANOGRAPHY Comes from the two Greek words  steganos  means ”covered” and graphie  means ”writing”. Steganography is the technique of hiding confidential information in Carrier like text, image, audio, video such that no one except the intended recipient can know the existence of the information. It is majorly used in applications like Information hiding, Authentication of documents, Protection of intellectual property, For military purposes etc.The information such as text, image, audio etc. that we want to hide, an image (carrier) and key/password are fed to the steganography application tool that produces a similar image (carrier) so that existence of hidden information cannot be known to the attacker. The process of detecting the hidden message is known as Stegananyalysis. Some commonly used techniques for steganography are Least significant bit (LSB) insertion, Spread spectrum image steganography, Masking and filtering, Algorithms and transformations. There are many software tools available for steganography, some of those are S-Tools, StegoDos, Camouflage, Mp3 Stego.