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Steganography Seminar Presentation (Read 118 times)


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Steganography Seminar Presentation
March 29, 2017, 09:30:58 AM
Steganography Seminar Presentation
Steganography is one of the oldest with a huge advantage in sharing information in highly secure fashion. They are simply defined as hiding the information in an art and it is often mentioned as covered writing. Most of the peoples in the history use this version of message sharing in a secret way. Some of the historical facts are ancient Germans used wax in the woods and in World War 2 invisible inks are used to hide information and messages are shared via using ancient symbols and letters. Modern Steganography is so much advanced and various methods are also followed and they are text injection, file embedding, digital watermarking, data encryption, copyright marking, LSB editing. It used in printers, digital marking, email encryption, website security, SAFDB, Document password protection nd much more. Most of the terror groups in the world using this method to share the information with one another but certain field agents in military and intelligence team get the perfect training to decode the message by various means.