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Steganography seminar presentation (Read 113 times)


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Steganography seminar presentation
March 23, 2017, 06:34:17 PM
Steganography seminar presentation
Often there are many sensitive information or the data which has to be known only by the sender and the receiver and hence the data should be protected and secured. To accomplish this protection of data, a technique called steganography is used.
In steganography, a data or a file or video is hidden inside another data or a file or a video. It is a kind of data encryption and anyone scanning the data or a file will fail to understand or analize the hidden message.
The process of steganography can be easily achieved using a software and one such software that is commonly used is s-tools.
Like any other techniques, even steganography has its own pros and cons.
Some of the pros are hidden message is difficult to deduct by everyone except for the receiver. Steganography can be achieved faster in less time using the tools available.
Some of the cons of steganography are it can easily be hacked by the hackers. For more data, large files has to be maintained.