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Stock Maintenance System Seminar Presentation (Read 92 times)


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Stock Maintenance System Seminar Presentation
Stock Maintenance are one of the important things carried out by various factories and industries. In The Past, some kind of written oriented register is maintained to check the purchase and selling details of the industries but now it all become computerized and correct stocks are maintained in the warehouse. The software used for Stock maintenance has as its front and SQL Server 2000 as its backend. The stock maintenance system is used to control the product purchase, storage in warehouse and selling of the product. Every individual who responsible for these three will have their UserID and Password to monitor or control these activities. It also helps to store the information about the purchase order and selling details and it is very easy to maintain and completely reliable. The director or any other higher officials in the company can monitor the daily stock sales, Stock storage and monthly reports regarding sales and purchase. A report produced by this systems are very accurate and also helps the company to address various issues.