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Stream Computing Seminar Presentation (Read 51 times)


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Stream Computing Seminar Presentation
March 23, 2017, 04:45:19 PM
Stream Computing
Unlimited data is being produced over internet every second, every minutes and it becomes very difficult to collect and analyze data. Stream computing is the technology that is used to capture and analyze continuously changing data. It provides predictive as well as descriptive analysis of data in real time. The word stream in stream computing means fetching the streams of data, processing it and then streaming it back out as a single flow. The first stream computing system was announced by IBM in June 2007 and they called it System S. This system runs on 800 microprocessors. ATI Technologies then announced a stream computing technology that run on the graphics processors (GPUs) instead of a CPU to solve complex computational problems with high performance and low latency. It is used in applications like Embedded systems, Cell phones, handheld computers, Desktop workstations, Streaming media, real-time encryption, High-performance servers, Radar tracking, HDTV editing consoles.