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Supercomputer Technology Seminar Presentation (Read 71 times)


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The Supercomputer technology aims at calculating and processing the things at a very great. The Supercomputers can give very fast and accurate results. The concept of supercomputers first came in the 1960ís, where a need was felt to develop a system which can do the necessary calculations at a very high speed. The supercomputers have been very beneficial in various fields like weather forecasting, quantum physics, molecular modeling, climate research and many other fields. The Supercomputer generates more heat, which needs to be cooled very fast.
With the help of the supercomputers the multiple tasks can be carried out very easily at a faster rate. The task of moving the data from one location to another location can be easily carried at faster rate. Recently, the use of Supercomputers in various fields has been increased considerably, giving the faster results. Find some more information on the Supercomputers in the given attached file.