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Tele medicine System Seminar Presentation (Read 218 times)


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Tele Medicine System Seminar
Easily, Tele medicine system is one of the greatest discovery in the 20th century. Evolution of technology most importantly communication and information technology make life easy for the medical staff and patients. Most of the time when health condition of a patient is worsened it needs advice or treatment from the specialist. Sometimes, Specialists are available in the hospital but most of the time they are not around. So, to avoid these conditions tele medicine system are introduced. Tele medicine is a simple theory it is the combination of telecommunication and information Technology to provide medical or clinical care to the patients from the long distance. The most important feature of this Tele medicine system is it has no distance barriers. Anyone from any part of the world can get good health care from any kind of specialist if they possess solid communication and Information Technology. This system also helps to save the time and energy.
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