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TELEMEDICINE SYSTEM Seminar Presentation (Read 97 times)


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Telemedicine is a system that uses information technology and telecommunication system by which health care professionals diagnose and treat the patients on remote locations. Itís a kind of home delivery of medical services. It is very useful system to provide expert level services to the distant rural communities that would otherwise not feasible. Telemedicine system allows patients with chronic diseases to be monitored from their home through the use of mobile medical devices that collect various data like blood pressure, sugar level etc. So this system uses limited expertise in best way. Interactive telemedicine allows interactive communication between patients and expertise. Telemedicine system also assists the local practitioners to consult with experts when needed. To develop such system, a few equipments are needed like laptop, power source, printer, digital camera. This advance system has been used by many developing and developed countries and has proved efficient in providing best health care services.